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 This could be your new project. is an attempt to catalog all known cemeteries established for residents of asylums, poorhouses, poor farms, prisons, orphanages, and similar institutions – in other words, cemeteries for the unclaimed. 

 We had an Almshouse in DuPage for about 40 years.  The DuPage County Poor Farm Cemetery, is located next door to the DuPage Convalecent Center, and “BEHIND” the DuPage County Juvenile Detention Center, at 420 N. County Farm Road (between Evelyn Street and Manchester Road), in Section 10 of Milton township, on the West edge of Wheaton, DuPage County Illinois.

 A few memorials have been added to Find A Grave for the DuPage County Poor Farm Cemetery.  They need our help.  Contact to learn how you can contribute.

You’ll find poor farm cemeteries in many surrounding counties too, Kane, Lee, Will, Winnebago,  and many more.

Most of the individuals laid to rest in these cemeteries were forgotten in their own lifetimes.  It is our hope that they will not be forgotten to history.



Here are tips from @ancestry


It’s written for census records but it really speaks to the search process…


 1 – always look at the page before and after, many records/images are two sided, so if you don’t scroll, you miss out

 2 – focus on unusual names, when you can’t find one family member, look for another

 3 – look for first names only, or search with less criteria

 4 – use wildcards ? *

 5 – record the details, it forces you to become familiar with the ancestor and provides clues; when sharing stories the images are not always clear but if you have transcribed what you find everyone learns; or if you should lose the image, you have the details

 6 – reverse surname and first name

 7 – look for a neighbor, or the other people included in the record, like informants on death certificates, family members in death notices, witnesses for marriage and citizenship…

 8 – compare handwriting, look for other words that you can identify to help decipher the penmanship

 9 – just browse, you don’t always have to search

 10- think differently; one search result for me presented an image that didn’t match my ancestor, then I realized they were alphabetical, indexed incorrectly by more than 200 images, but I was able to find the match.


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Originally published-DCGS eNEWSLETTER, OCTOBER 2013, VOLUME 5 ISSUE 5


Carol’s Living Story by Caron Primas Brennan

            I won a raffle prize at the DuPage County Genealogical Society’s Annual Conference in St. Charles, Illinois on February 23, 2013.  My prize was a Living Story for the subject of my choosing by Janette Quinn of  In May 2013, I asked her to work with my mother Carol (Koepke) Primas and write her story.

            Janette met with Mom twice to interview and digitally record her memories in her Lombard home.  I provided many family pictures and documents to help stimulate Mom’s memory (she is 82 and still pretty sharp!) for the interviews.  Janette used the family history and photos and also conducted independent research about the places, people, activities and circumstances of Mom’s life.  She also encouraged Mom’s own writing about memories and messages she considers to be most important. Finally, Janette melded interviews, research and musings into an almost 50-page book.  

            My sisters and I were anxious to hear what Mom had to say.  While I provided old family pictures, my sisters sent her questions they wanted answered and other suggestions.  Even though Dad is no longer with us, there was a lot of his information in the book as well.  Mom and Dad had been married over 50 years when he died and had a lot of history together.

            We received the final copy a few weeks ago.  It is wonderful!  Mom has read it several times and we have shared it with other family members.   Mom’s brother Dick passed away in 2002.  His children were grateful to hear about his childhood through Mom’s story.  

            From my perspective, it was a great family bonding experience.  I think Mom was a bit more open with an “objective third party” listening and taking notes than she would have been with a daughter.  It stimulated discussions with all the children about other family members which never made it into the book.  The younger generations learned about things they might not have otherwise known – like as kids, Mom and Dick jumping on the bed and breaking it.  It is a great legacy.  We had copies made for all the daughters and there are enough copies that each grandchild will have one of their own.

            After reading it, we are already planning additional “chapters”.  It was also noted that while Mom talked about daughters and grandchildren, no mention was made of son-in-laws!  We also decided we would like more pictures – but we are a picture-oriented family.

            We as a family agree this would be a wonderful experience for all families!  Thank you to DCGS and Janette for this great gift!       

LivingStoriescombo is a member of the Association of Personal Historians and the    Association of Senior Service Providers. Its principal, Janette Quinn, lost both of her parents at ages 55 and 60 to cancer on September 17, 1973 when she was 18. Her personal and corporate mission is to preserve families’ most valuable assets, the stories of elders in their own words, before it’s too late.  She holds a B.S. in journalism from Northern Illinois University and an M.S. in management consulting from DePaul University. 

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DCGS is celebrating 40 yrs 1974-2014

The DuPage County Genealogical Society was founded in 1974 as the Lombard Suburban Genealogical Society.  In May 1981, the Society moved its reference collection to the Wheaton Public Library (WPL.)  We have has continued to contribute to its genealogical collection over the years, helping it to become one of the premiere genealogical research locations of the Chicago suburbs.

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Here are two great resources to continue your genealogy education through webinars.  The webinars are free to members as well as the genealogical community when they are presented live.  After the live broadcast, an archived copy of the webinar is available on-demand through the members’ page.

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2014_Webinar_Brochure   The Illinois State Genealogical Society 2014 webinar series is offered monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at 8 PM – Central.  You can register today for one or for all of them.  For a description of each webinar, or to register, visit



The Southern California Genealogical Society 2014 webinar series is offered twice monthly (on the 1st Saturday at 12 PM – Central and on the 3rd Wednesday at 8 PM – Central).  You can register today for one or for all of them.  For a description of each webinar, or to register, visit



We have added new content to our Research Resources.

DuPage Families is a collection of cemetery readings and tombstone photographs.  Individuals are connected to families as that information is available.  Additional information on the individuals and families may be added at anytime. 

 You can search local cemeteries, individuals, and surnames. 

The project is virtually limitless in scope and growth potential.  If you have questions or comments, or would like to volunteer to help with data collection and/or entry, please contact Carolee, the DCGS DuPage Families Administrator at


to see images on

Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:33 am (PDT).  Posted by: “Christine Bell”

I hope you have noticed that there are new records being added to on almost a daily basis.  In order to get some on these records online, Family Search has had to agree to restrict access to some of them.  These restrictions are the requirement of the record owners.  Family Search’s goal is to have the records available to the public.  Many records still require no sign-in to view them.  Some records when an attempt to view them is made, display the message: Sign in to see free image  A Family Search account which is free, is all you need to sign in to see these records.  You will also need a Family Search account to order films.  Other records display the message: This image is view-able: To signed-in members of supporting organizations which means viewing these records requires a LDS account.  However, some records that require a LDS account, can be viewed from a family history center computer without signing-in.
There are so many records on FamilySearch.  org and more added almost daily, I am not going to try to list which records are available without signing-in if you are using a family history center computer.  If you would like to verify whether a restricted viewing records collection is available from a computer in our family history center, please feel free to email me at   Please email me rather than calling the center, as it usually takes a while to get an answer about a specific records collection.  I will be happy to verify whether or not a specific record is view-able from our computers to keep patrons from making a needless trip to the center.

When you visit the Naperville Family History Center, please keep in mind that staff members represent Family Search and are therefore expected to honor the contracts regarding record collections that Family Search has with the record owners.  It would be a contract violation for a staff member to use their LDS account to get you access to the records, so please don’t ask.  I do use my prerogative as center director to occasionally use my LDS account to give patrons access to records but that is limited to times when the images are not view-able due to temporary computer malfunction.

When Family Search films records, the owner of the records gets a copy of the films or digital images of the records.  If your viewing of some record collection is blocked, contact the owner of the records and inquire about gaining access to them.

I hope this explanation is helpful, Christine

Join DuPage County (IL) Genealogical Society in indexing the 1940 U.S. Federal Census!

Step 1: Go to:

Step 2: Click GET STARTED from the menu at the top.

Step 3: Download and install the Indexing Software

Step 4: Register for a FamilySearch account, if you don’t already have one.

Step 5: Select Another group, then select DuPage County (IL) Genealogical Society from the dropdown list.

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The DuPage County (IL) Genealogical Society was featured in two posts this week on Tony’s Genealogy Blog.


DuPage County Genealogical Society (DCGS) Has Created a Genealogy Blog – Visit It for News About the Society!

Do you read Tony’s Genealogy Blog? Tony Kierna is the Genealogy Coordinator for the Schaumburg Township District Library. He also runs the genealogy blog. The library has a genealogy meeting each month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. A list of meeting topics can be found here.

Check out Tony’s Genealogy Blog and expand your genealogical horizons.

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