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Congratulations to Bud Newman inducted into the Fox Valley Chapter National Sons of the American Revolution at a ceremony held at Cantigny in Wheaton, IL.


Published November 2013 Vol.40 No.2, The Review, DuPage County Genealogical Society

Being Inducted Into SAR   by Erman M. “Bud” Newman III

I was recently inducted into the Sons of the American Revolution — the SAR.  I had no idea that my ancestors were connected to such an important part of our American history.  I was asked to write an article about what research I had to accomplish in getting inducted into the SAR.

 My journey getting into the SAR started about 3 ½ years ago.  A cousin of mine contacted through “The Virtual Wall” website where he saw my father’s name.  He sent me a packet and a CD of the family history he had accumulated.  His Grandmother and my Great Grandmother were sisters.

 I continued getting family history information from other relatives that I had made contact with.  I came across the “Find A Grave” website.  I wanted to use this website as a way to validate, if possible, dates of birth and death of family members and I had some success.  I started doing more research on my father’s side of the family which were the Newmans from the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area.  I was able to find grave markers on a majority of the ancestors that lived in the area.

 As I continued my research, I noticed that my Alabama ancestors had moved from South Carolina.  I started researching my Great Grandmother Newman’s family.  Her maiden name was Watkins.  I located the grave marker for my 5th Great Grandmother Jennette Luckett Maddox and it had a “Daughters of the American Revolution” marker on it.  Her father was Ignatius Luckett (the patriot) who was from Port Tobacco, Maryland. 

 My wife and I have attended the DuPage County Genealogical Society’s February conference several times.  I learn a great deal from these conferences.  During the 2013 DCGS conference the Fox Valley Chapter of the SAR had a table and that started my process to join the SAR.

 It was during this process I found how daunting it could be.  I learned that many states did not require birth certificates until about 1910, in my case.  My Grandfather Newman did not have a birth certificate.  Luckily, I was able to obtain wills from Alabama and South Carolina which were dated prior to the Civil War.  In addition, my sister had obtained pages from the Newman family bible from our uncle.  He had received the bible from my Great grandmother.

 When it came to linking my ancestors’ to the patriot Ignatius Luckett there wasn’t a lot for me to connect to Ignatius.  It was then that I was able to get assistance from the Fox Valley SAR.  The registrar for the Fox Valley Chapter was very helpful.  He was able to locate a book that was written by Harry Wright Newman called “The Lucketts of Portobacco: a genealogical history of Samuel Luckett written in 1938.  It was in this book where it showed that Ignatius’ daughter was my 5th Great Grandmother.  This was the connection I needed to get inducted to the Sons of the American Revolution.

1940 census

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