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Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:33 am (PDT).  Posted by: “Christine Bell”

I hope you have noticed that there are new records being added to on almost a daily basis.  In order to get some on these records online, Family Search has had to agree to restrict access to some of them.  These restrictions are the requirement of the record owners.  Family Search’s goal is to have the records available to the public.  Many records still require no sign-in to view them.  Some records when an attempt to view them is made, display the message: Sign in to see free image  A Family Search account which is free, is all you need to sign in to see these records.  You will also need a Family Search account to order films.  Other records display the message: This image is view-able: To signed-in members of supporting organizations which means viewing these records requires a LDS account.  However, some records that require a LDS account, can be viewed from a family history center computer without signing-in.
There are so many records on FamilySearch.  org and more added almost daily, I am not going to try to list which records are available without signing-in if you are using a family history center computer.  If you would like to verify whether a restricted viewing records collection is available from a computer in our family history center, please feel free to email me at   Please email me rather than calling the center, as it usually takes a while to get an answer about a specific records collection.  I will be happy to verify whether or not a specific record is view-able from our computers to keep patrons from making a needless trip to the center.

When you visit the Naperville Family History Center, please keep in mind that staff members represent Family Search and are therefore expected to honor the contracts regarding record collections that Family Search has with the record owners.  It would be a contract violation for a staff member to use their LDS account to get you access to the records, so please don’t ask.  I do use my prerogative as center director to occasionally use my LDS account to give patrons access to records but that is limited to times when the images are not view-able due to temporary computer malfunction.

When Family Search films records, the owner of the records gets a copy of the films or digital images of the records.  If your viewing of some record collection is blocked, contact the owner of the records and inquire about gaining access to them.

I hope this explanation is helpful, Christine