October is National Family History Month

It’s a great time to get started with one of these ideas.

Or make a plan for the coming year to start them all.

1)      Write and share a story about one of your ancestors.

2)      Plan a research trip.

3)      Record the history of your family heirlooms, what’s their origin, how did you get them.

4)      Create a family health history.

5)      Search collateral lines, focus on an ancestor’s siblings for additional records that benefit your research.

6)      Interview a family member.

7)      Try a new app for your mobile device and home computer like Dropbox or Evernote.

8)      Have your DNA tested.

9)      Create a migration map, show where your ancestors lived by creating your own Google map.

10)  Send copies of your family tree to your siblings, nieces/nephews, cousins, etc.

11)  Make connections by starting a family a blog or Facebook group.

12)  Become a Family Search indexer.

13)  Cook up some family recipes with stories that go with them; start a family cookbook.

14)  Visit a new repository or cemetery.

15)  Learn something new – find a program or conference to attend.

16)  Use timelines to analyze your findings.

17)  Don’t forget to write stories about your life.