This is a guest post by DCGS President Nancy Thomas

I arrived yesterday, January 25, after a very early morning flight out of Chicago. The hotel has a free shuttle van that picked me up at the airport. My room was ready. I unpacked, ate a quick lunch in the hotel’s restaurant, and set off to find the group at the library. There’s an exit out the back of the hotel that leads to an alley that is a shortcut to the library. Very handy. However, after looking for the group on several floors with no luck–I didn’t realize that the seven other members of the group would be scattered around doing there own research (and I had no idea what any of them looked like!)–I decided to get on with my own research and try to meet up with the group later. Later turned out to be 9:00 p.m.

I started out by ordering some microfilms that were listed in the FamilySearch online catalog as located in the vault which is off site. In a few days, I will look in the film drawers to see if they are there yet. I did not accomplish much that first day on my own, but had a good consultation session with Nancy Ellen Carlberg, the professional genealogist with the group, this morning. She had looked over several Family Group Sheets that I had sent to her before the trip. She was able to suggest resources and orient me to where things were located on the various floors of the library. This individual attention was what I needed to really get started.

After getting passes from the lobby desk, the group went to lunch together at the LDS Church Cafeteria. This is located across the street in the LDS Office Building, about a 4 minute walk through beautiful Temple Square. This is an amazing cafeteria that is actually for employees of the LDS Church, but patrons using the LDS library are also welcome. It has a wide variety of food to eat, but the best thing are the prices! They are subsidized; for example, I had the special grilled sandwich of the day and a cookie for $3.28! Something I have noticed both at the library and the cafeteria is that all the men wear suits, white dress shirts, and ties. The women wear either skirts or dresses. They look and act very professional, and are friendly and helpful as well. It is very impressive.

I am preparing tonight for another day of research tomorrow. How great is this!

Nancy Thomas

President, DCGS


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