On Monday I spent the majority of the day researching in the Special Collections Department of the Daley Library at the University of Illinois – Chicago. I was looking through some of the Italian Americans in Chicago collection for a client. I requested a few boxes of materials that were not related to my client’s work but thought might provide a little more context for his genealogy book. The information I discovered was amazing. BUT, the one thing I found so sad and disappointing is the fact that many of the photos donated to the collection or copied for the collection were unmarked.

There were no names identifying all these people.

The research conducted was used to put together a special exhibit of the Italians in Chicago, originally housed at the Cultural Center and then later, and still today, at the Italian Cultural Center. You can view the photographs there, in the collection or online at the Italians in Chicago photo collection.

I encourage you to take a look at these photos and if you can identify anyone in them, please leave a comment. If you have Italian roots in Chicago, visit UIC or the Italian Cultural Center and investigate their collections. You may uncover something new and wonderful for your family history.

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